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Triumph LARP

Written by Josh

Welcome to the Triumph Homepage!

Prepare yourself to enter the fantasy world of Lantai. Let the intrigues and adventures carry you away from the land of Mundania, and into a fantastic realm of mages, rangers, necromancers, and more. Stand ready to swing steel, sling spells, and tell tales in the town of Fairhame.

Let dreams become shaded in reality, if only for a weekend at a time.



2016 Season

Written by Jessica

There is a new team taking over Triumph and will be running a new campaign, in a different part of Lantai, planed to start next season. We hope to announce the dates for next season at the end of our November game, but there will also be dates posted here and within our Facebook group for the 2016 season before the end of this year, so stay tuned. We're really excited about this, and excited to welcome new faces!!