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Logistics -Check In/Check Out

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Player Characters - Check In/Out

Check In

  1. Arrive on site. At this point, you should have read the manual and have a good understanding of the rules. You should have a character generated either through the logistics personnel, or via the website. If you've not completed these things, you might be asked to play as an NPC in order to learn how the game is played, or you might be asked to observe and be given a copy of the manual to read. You might also be allowed to generate a PC at that time. Players should stay in the parking lot area until the site is opened by Logistics. Logistics is only open for a limited time, be certain to show up as close to on time as you can.
  2. First stop: Character Check In. Receive Player Kit: character card, item cards, In Game money, and other items.  Pay entry fee. Note that you are getting everything in a handy ziploc bag.  Keep that bag, because you will use it to turn everything in at Check Out.  Sign up for a clean up task. Full NPC's will be asked to go to the Logistics/Plot area.
  3. Second stop: Production.  There are various refs for production.  (See the Who's Who page for details)  If you are doing crafting of any sort, see these individuals during check in to get appropriate item cards.
  4. Third stop:  Weapons/Armor Check.  See Dave in the check in area for armor and weapons check.  If your phsyrep is not safety checked, you may not use it.
  5. Safety Briefing:  After check in is completed, Dave will conduct a safety briefing.  No matter how many times you've heard it, this is a mandatory opening "ceremony" that will take place before game start.
  6. Play Triumph! Have a great time! Enjoy!

Check Out

  1. At the end of the game, a member of Logistics will, quite loudly, call "GAME!".  At this time, prepare for  Check Out.
  2. Turn in your player kit:  Character Sheet, item cards, IG money, etc.  In the bag you got it in.
  3. Clear your personal gear out of the common areas and off of tables, as clean up begins shortly.  Keep an ear out, as a group photo usually takes place at this time.
  4. Group photo, and outbrief.  Announcements will be made at this time, such as the location of Afters.

Clean Up

  1. Perform your clean up task and check with Jen Skudlarek when your task is complete so you can  be sure to get your 5 perk.  If you have volunteered to sweep floors, you go last in the clean up process.  We play in a State Park, and to date, they love us...because we leave the place cleaner than we found it.  It is up to each and every one of us to keep that record...well...clean.  If for some reason you are not actively participating in clean up, get out of the way of those who are.
  2. Head on home, or come on out to Afters so we can swap tales of glory and fun!