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Logistics - Starting Equipment

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Starting Equipment

A player begins their creation process with 12 crown. These crown are used to purchase items, weapons, and armor to get outfitted for the game. 1 crown is equal to 10 Sheaf.

Note that these prices are the typical cost for the items listed, the market can fluctuate at any time, thanks to the laws of supply and demand. This is a good baseline to know if you're getting your money's worth.

Items cost list for Starting Equipment

1 Hand Axe 1 Crown
1 Hand Hammer 1 Crown
1 Hand Mace 1 Crown
2 Hand Axe 2 Crown, 5 Sheaf
2 Hand Mace 1 Crown, 8 Sheaf
2 Hand Sword 4 Crown
Bastard Sword 3 Crown, 8 Sheaf
Broad Sword 2 Crown, 5 Sheaf
Claymore 5 Crown
Club 2 Sheaf
Crossbow 10 Crown
Cutlass 3 Crown
Dagger 8 Sheaf
Falchion 2 Crown
Flail 3 Crown
Great Axe 3 Crown, 2 Sheaf
Hand Crossbow 12 Crown
Katana 5 Crown
Kukri 3 Crown
Long Bow 10 Crown
Long Sword 3 Crown
Main-Gauche 1 Crown, 4 Sheaf
Maul 3 Crown
Morning Star 1 Crown, 4 Sheaf
Ninjato 4 Crown, 5 Sheaf
Nodachi 8 Crown
Polearm 4 Crown
Rapier 4 Crown
Scimitar 3 Crown
Scythe 15 Crown
Short Bow 8 Crown
Short Sword 2 Crown
Sickle 2 Crown, 4 Sheaf
Spear 1 Crown
Staff 1 Crown
Throwing Axe 8 Sheaf
Throwing Dagger 5 Sheaf
Throwing Hammer 8 Sheaf
Warhammer 1 Crown, 5 Sheaf
Backpack 2 Crown
Bottle 1 Crown
Candle (10) 1 Sheaf
Chalk (30) 1 Sheaf
Chest 1-2 Crown
Cloak 5 Sheaf
Flask 2 Sheaf
Lantern 8 Crown
Lock 1-10 Crown
Parchment 4 Sheaf
Pouch 1 Sheaf
Quiver 8 Sheaf
Robe 6 Sheaf
Tabard 4 Sheaf
Thieves Tools 8 Crown

Brigandine 6 Crown
Buckler 1 Crown
Chain Shirt 11 Crown
Full Plate Suit 80 Crown
Helm 1 Crown, 5 Sheaf
Large Shield 8 Crown
Leather (Torso) 1 Crown
Leather Bracers 1 Crown
Leather Greaves 1 Crown
Leather Pauldron/Spaulder 1 Crown
Medium Shield 5 Crown
Padded 8 Sheaf
Plate (Torso) 40 Crown
Plate Bracers 2 Crown, 5 Sheaf
Plate Greaves 3 Crown
Plate Pauldron/Spaulder 3 Crown
Ring Mail Shirt 12 Crown
Scale Shirt 7 Crown
Small Shield 3 Crown
Studded Leather 4 Crown
Wisby Shirt 6 Crown

Typical Items (for reference only)
Ale/Wine (2 glasses) 1 Sheaf
Bunkhouse Space 5 Sheaf
Food (All Day Buffet) 1 Crown
Food (One Sitting) 2-5 Sheaf
Loft Space in the Inn 3 Sheaf

Other Items

There are other items that can be purchased in the game. You cannot start off buying them as part of the Character Creation process, but can certainly find them at one of the merchants. Remember, as always, the laws of supply and demand: just because something has a base price does not mean it is readily available.

Other items are priced according to market value.

As an example, a hand axe will usually cost 1 crown. A master crafted hand axe, which cannot be destroyed, is likely worth 5 crown. A Keen hand axe, which confers a +1 damage bonus and allows Magic to be called with the damage, might be worth 58 crown or so. A Silver hand axe, handy against some particular types of creature immune to normal weapons, might run from 28 to 56 crown, dependent on size (how much metal is needed).

Keep in mind that many of the PCs have crafting and smithing skills, and might be able to create the item of your desire for a different, and more negotiable, price.